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Move forward with clarity and peace of mind.

Jo is an experienced & trusted Psychic Reader & Artist.


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Psychic Readings

A psychic reading provides insight, guidance and clarity in any area of your life. 



Learn to develop your own skills, or experience a part psychic reading and healing using psychic art.

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Email Psychic Readings

High-quality email psychic readings that are both convenient and accurate.

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House & Business Blessing

Clear stagnant energy from your spaces - homes, businesses and land cleansed and healed.

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Come together with like minded community to learn & grow

Pick a Card reading



My name is Jo, I am a psychic and highly sensitive empath. I sense the energy around me. It is my psychic superpower - I intuitively feel and know things. I receive messages from spirit for you.

A psychic reading can provide guidance and clarity; helping you to gain a fresh perspective of what is happening in your life. Each reading taps into knowledge and understandings from the spiritual realm, these are not limited to what you can touch and feel. 


Spirit wants to support us and assist us on our path. Readings help us tune into that guidance that we often overlook in our busy lives. The reading space gives us an opportunity to connect to our intuition and that deep inner knowing; allowing us to move forward leaving fear and anxiety behind. 


Ready to find out what next? Book a reading with me today.

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For years my wife and I have had regular readings from Jo,
she is amazing, spot on every time. 


I booked with Jo to have a tarot/psychic phone reading and so happy that I did!! I found Jo to be very caring, warm and friendly. Jo was very clear, so informative and her very strong psychic abilities were just amazing and magical to me!! Jo was very happy to answer the many questions I had. Jo was very spot on about my life and personality traits!! Jo said it as it is and will be not just what I wanted to hear. I felt very uplifted and very happy after her reading as Jo gave me lots of encouragement and very positive insights into the future in all aspects of my life!! Jo even made me aware of future situations and people to be cautious about. Very grateful for your time Jo! I will definitely be in touch with you again at some stage in the future!!Thanks again Jo💗God Bless 🙏🏻😘XO

Isabelle Rose

Call 0438004974

I booked a session with Jo and she made the whole process so easy from start to finish. Jo is so warm and welcoming from the moment you log on and everything brought up in the session was so accurate and clear. I will be definitely be booking more sessions with Jo as she is such a positive energy, thank you.


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