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Spirit  Animal Guide Art

Unlock the realm of Animal Spirit Guides with Spirit Animal Guide Art

Guidance and support from your Animal Spirit Guides.


Our Animal spirit guides and unseen support teams offer us much love and guidance. The energy of animals in both the 3D world, and on the higher realms, is an easy energy for us to connect with. We often find they ask nothing of us. They connect with us without barriers at the level of unconditional love.


As spiritual beings having a human experience, Animals offer us a gentle way to learn about the highest vibrations of love. They teach us about unconditional love in a non-threatening, easy-to-digest way. Our animal spirit guides also offer us protection, advice and learning. We often overlook their subtle energetic messages in our busy lives. 


A commissioned artwork of your Animal Spirit Guides can allow you to experience their supportive energy in your home environment. Each spirit animal artwork can assist you in making a deeper connection to your animal spiritual support team.

Jo, is an empathic energy artist, who captures the world of spirit and energy. She channels the energy of your spirit animal guides, mentors, and spiritual teachers, bringing them to life in a unique artwork. Animal Spirit guide art gives you a visual and energetic connection to your animal spirit guide/s.


Would you like to have a beautiful artwork in your space that reminds you of the great love and compassion your spirit animal guides have for you?


All animal spirit guide art includes Animal Spirit Guides and teachers in whatever form they take, combined with a short, channelled message filled with inspiration and encouragement for your path ahead.

Spirit guide art sekmet

Animal Spirit Guide Art

You will receive an Artwork that brings to life your Spirit Animal Guide,

plus a written message channelled from your Animal Guide.


Cost $120

+ includes Spirit Animal

Artwork shipping

$120 covers SHIPPING (AUS ONLY)*

All commissioned spirit animal art include a channelled written message.

Spirit Animal Guide Art

Spirit Animal Guide Art Commissions:


To connect to your animal spirit guides Jo will need the following information (see the form below).


Please provide:​

  • your full name (if you use a nick name please add that as well as your full name), 

  • a photo of yourself,

  • your birthdate, and 

  • your postal address.

This ensures you get the most out of your Spirit Animal Guide Art, making sure Jo connects to your energy and that of your spiritual team.

Postage – is standard for all Australian Postage. If ordering from Overseas, please email Jo for a quote with the additional postal charges for your Animal Spirit Guide Artwork Commission.

Please contact Jo via email for overseas postage rates.
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Connect to your
Animal Spirit Guides - Commission your
Animal Spirit Guide Art  today

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