Energy Healing

Ready to make real changes in your life?

This healing modality is for you.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing works with the subtle energies of both the Universe and the body that influence and affect us.


Experience the release of overwhelming feelings and emotions that limit our daily life. Clear negative thought patterns, ways of being and relating to others. Shift stubborn patterns of existence.


Energy healing involves healing on a deeper more profound level.



Initial session

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Cost: $180

Subsequent sessions

Duration: 45

Cost: $90

Subsequent sessions

Duration: 60

Cost: $120

What happens in an Energy Healing consultation?

An Energy Healing involves the channel (Energy Healer) connecting to  your energy; this can be from a distance or by placing hands on or in the aura of the body.   

Healings take many and varied forms, working with direct energy transfer, working with guides, Ascended Masters, Angels and other Divine beings, sometimes all of the above and at other times only one of these. 


The channel does not perform the healing, but rather is the conduit for the healing to take place. The treatment can take place lying down or sitting in a chair in a relaxed state.