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Ready to take the lead in your life?


House Blessing Workshop

How is the energy in your house?

  • Feeling uneasy? Stuck? Stagnant?  

  • Something not quite right about one particular room?  

  • Strange occurrences?

If it is not exactly as you want it to be - our House Cleansing, Blessing & Protection Workshop is for you.

  • Do you know when to cleanse your space? 

  • Have you ever thought about the land your home sits on?

Understand the energy in your home & walk away with confidence & the knowledge that you have the power to change it. 


We will cover:

Pendulum Work, 

Cleansing Methods

Crystal Gridding,

Protection Methods,

Guided Meditation,

Candle Ritual... and so much more.

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Wisdom shared -
🏡 Learn to connect to the energy of your home & land - this will cover tuning in to your home, energy imprints, your house as a reflection, the spirit of your house, & pendulum work.

🏡 Looking at cleansing your home - the tools & methods & visualisation techniques 

🏡 How to heal home & land - we will be journaling, doing pendulum & journal work, learning about the land you reside on & tuning in to it, & experiencing a guided meditation connecting with the traditional owners of the land your house sits on. 

🏡 Looking at Protection of your home - covering tools & methods, your garden & plant magick, crystal gridding, symbols, & visualisation.

🏡 Blessing & Manifestation - looking at tools & methods, how to raise the vibration in your home, experiencing a powerful meditation journey, and ending with creating your own beautiful candle for a home ritual.
You will go home with house gridding crystals, palo santo & your own handmade beeswax ritual candle rolled in a beautiful high vibe herb mix.
Dates for Workshops

Dates & Cost

Places are limited - secure your place today.

Sunday 20th November - $180.
9.30 - 4pm

* Afterpay and Payment plans available.

The Centre of Healing in Somerville, Station St, Somerville; is our gorgeous location, where you can be completely immersed for the day.



✔️Lunch and water bottle 

✔️House plan or hand-drawn one as accurate as possible

✔️House photos - print outs or originals - photos of any rooms that you need help, external photos, aerial shots from google if you can. 


✔️Pendulum, if you have one. There will be some for purchase on the day.

Email Jo on or 0438004974 with any questions.
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Psychic Mediums & sensitive Clairsentients, Jo (Creative Empowerment Australia) & Terésa (The Radiant Mystic) have lots of experience with clearing, blessing & protecting space & land and have a combined 20+ years working with energy & spirit. 


Jo - Psychic Artist, Workshop & Women's Circle facilitator, Energy Healer & Psychic Medium.


Terésa - Energy Worker, Psychic Medium, Meditation practitioner, Workshop facilitator & Creative soul.

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Meet your teachers

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