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Transform stagnant energy
in your home and create your ultimate high-vibe space.

Rediscover the practices of witches, mystics, shamans and wise women...

Knowlege is Power reclaim yours

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Protect Bless

Learn ancient practices that will transform your spaces.

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  • You’re feeling uneasy in your own home.

  • There’s “something wrong” but you can’t put your finger on what.

  • You’re experiencing poor sleep - wakefulness and/or nightmares.

  • Arguments and disharmony are happening between family members. 

  • Pets are anxious and unsettled.

You need this workshop if any of the below is going on for you...

You have the

power to shape

the energy in

your home

  • How to identify energy problems in any space.

  • How to cleanse and clear, renewing the energy in your home.

  • How to maintain “high vibe” spaces so that you can provide a home of peace, harmony and bliss for you and your family.

What you will learn...

Image by Joanna Kosinska

House Blessing, Cleansing & Protection Workshop

Happy Family

Book today and gain:

  • A deeper connection to your house and land.

  • Self-Empowerment in your home.

  • Understanding of the subtle energies that are affecting you & your family.

  • Practices to change how your home feels to you and others.

  • Awareness & skills to positively affect your house and land.

  • A balanced, harmonised and relaxing environment for you and your family.

  • Tools to manifest high vibrational spaces.

  • A home that supports your family with energetic balance, creating peace and calm.

Image by Monika Grabkowska


'This was fantastic...Jo & Teresa organised a professional and organised program...I learned so many new skills and information. Highly recommended.'

'I felt supported, comfortable & in a very safe space to trust & explore...I enjoyed the whole day. The facilitators were great'

'An intimate, safe, high-vibe space...loved this workshop - thanks Jo & Teresa'

Image by Dan Farrell

Bonus 1

Intuitively selected crystals to grid your home. Palo Santo to keep your crystals and your home cleansed.

Bonus 2

Handmade ritual  beeswax candle rolled in a divinely inspired high vibrational herb mix to bring balance and harmony to your space.

Image by Alyssa Hurley

    Bonus 3   



Dates for Workshops
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Date & Investment

Sunday 20th November - $180.

9.30 - 4pm

* Afterpay and Payment plans available.

The Centre of Healing in Somerville, Station St, Somerville; is our gorgeous location, where you can be completely immersed for the day.


This workshop will give you the tools & techniques you need to identify energy imbalances in your home, & (even more importantly) give you the assurance of  knowing exactly what to do about it!

Meet your facilitators:

Psychic Mediums Jo & Terésa (The Radiant Mystic) have have a combined 20+ years working with energy & spirit. 

Jo - Psychic Artist, Workshop & Women's Circle facilitator, Energy Healer & Psychic Medium.


Terésa - Energy Worker, Psychic Medium, Meditation practitioner, Workshop facilitator & Creative soul.

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