Intuitive art reading&healing

Would you like a better understanding of the energy surrounding you

and in your life at this moment?


Intuitive art session with Jo

An intuitive art healing and reading with Jo is a unique and transformative experience. Gain insight and understanding into the world of energy that we live in. These sessions are a creative exploration of the energies of the self - part reading and part healing,  where information and healing transpire through the process of stripping back the layers to the heart; a journey of self-love.


Jo will connect with your energy and that of your ‘spiritual team’ (divine beings that provide support for you such as Guardian Angels, Spirit guides, loved ones, etc.) messages from this realm will be given to you in a reading format.


She will also create an individual intuitive artwork that captures the healing energies from the session, the artwork is yours to keep, to continue the energy healing. The intuitive artwork and session will be uniquely guided and tailored for you.  


Intuitive Art consultation


1hr – 1.5 hrs - $150 - $200

A unique intuitive artwork divinely guided is also included in the session cost.