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Get the Benefits of Guided Relaxation and Meditation in Mornington

Our modern lives are busier than ever. We're expected to do more, travel farther, and handle more stress than our ancestors ever would have faced. The result can be a life filled with stress, anxiety, and a host of other complications. All that can make it feel like you're living with a brass band in your head that never stops playing or an engine in your body that never ceases to run, even when you are trying to sleep. Meditation can help you to quiet the discordant noise of anxiety. It can equip you with strategies to better regulate your internal self and to give yourself an escape from the sensation that the walls will soon close in on you. At Creative Empowerment, our meditation classes can help you, even if you're a total beginner.

Why a Customer Should Use Guided Relaxation in Mornington

Meditation and Qigong offer many benefits, and when guided by an experienced leader, you can learn beneficial techniques that remain with you long after the class has ended.

  • Many people find guided relaxation to be a potent force to relieve stress from the work week. Whether it happens after a long day at work or during a scheduled time on the weekend, people who seek out meditation frequently experience less stress and can calm down from overwhelming feelings in any situation, whether it is work or a social trigger.

  • You can join a class with your friends, family, or loved ones and use it as a bonding time. Meditation can be an intimate experience when conducted with an open heart and emotional awareness. Our guided meditation can help you learn valuable techniques so that you can recreate this state at home.

  • Give your mind time to relax and reorient your perspective about what matters most. Too often, we get stuck in an artificial rhythm based around work, school, or other responsibilities. If you take the opportunity to meditate, you can refresh your mindset.

What is Qigong & Why try it?

Locations - Mornington Peninsula

TERM 1, 2020

MONDAY (morning) - Starts 20th January 

10.30am -11.30am

Safety Beach Sailing Club 

185 Marine Drive, Safety Beach, VIC.





MONDAY (afternoon) - Starts 3rd February

2pm -3pm

Frankston South Community and Recreation Centre 

55 Towerhill Rd, Frankston South, VIC 3199



MONDAY (evening) - Starts 10th February

7.30pm - 8.30pm

Mt Martha House Community Centre 

466 Esplanade, Mount Martha VIC 3934

TUESDAY (evening) - Starts 21st January

7pm - 8pm

Venue - Rye Yacht Club

2120 Point Nepean Rd, Rye, VIC 3941

or contact Jo for more information on 0438004974


Tips for Getting More Value out of Qigong in Mornington

Qigong is a unique practice that helps many people practice deep awareness in the moment. Consider the following approaches to get the most from our qigong classes:

  • Leave what is happening elsewhere in your life behind and focus on where you and what you are feeling during the class. The more you can dive into the experience of breathing, feeling, and being present, the greater the long-term benefits to your Qigong practice.

  • Don’t think of Qigong as a “once and done” meditative practice. The benefits from this accumulate over time so that you can more easily enter a meditative state as you become more comfortable and more familiar with the techniques.

  • Supplement your Qigong classes with our special healing techniques. We help you tap into your vital life essence so that you can connect with the forces that help you stay healthy. When this energy is out of balance, it can be due to any number of physical, mental, or emotional causes. Let our healing help you address these causes and restore peace within you.


Why Trust Creative Empowerment Regarding Meditation and Qigong Courses in Mornington

We believe that the modern world does too much to promote anxiety and stress in our lives. These conditions can afflict the youngest, most affluent, or physically healthy just as quickly as they can our elders, those in need, and those who have health concerns Contact us to learn more about Qigong, guided meditation and healing, and our class schedule.