Meditation Mount Martha

Become fully present in life.


Nourish or Nature Your Spiritual Wellbeing with Meditation and Qigong in Mount Martha

More people than ever are reaping the benefits of practising guided meditation in Mount Martha. Creative Empowerment has developed a program with qualified instructors who help beginners learn the basic ways to meditate successfully. Our members report experiencing significant improvements in their spiritual and psychological states, and we are proud to offer these courses to anyone in Mount Martha, who is open to their benefits.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Meditation and Qigong Classes in Mount Martha

Qigong is not a cure-all. As with much of the knowledge derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine and healing practices in the East, it is a discipline that requires practice and intention. As people begin their practice, there are several common mistakes that can be made:

  • It is best to approach these classes with an open mind. A mind that is open to all possibilities, not having or knowing all the answers; let’s face it that does? Going into a qigong class with an open mind will offer you the maximum benefit from each and every practice. Even when following the physical instructions, much of Qigong requires you to be present, mentally and emotionally, to be open to the processes and techniques.

  • People who receive the most out of qigong are those that engage in regular practice. Ongoing Qigong classes can help you keep the momentum going and help you establish a routine for optimum health and wellbeing. Weekly classes assist you to deepen your experiences with the fundamental techniques guided by our experienced facilitator, helping to make qigong part of your regular health regimen.

  • While you will likely feel more relaxed and could even feel more energised and de-stressed immediately, often people need more time to allow themselves the space to relax and let go, don’t expect a miracle pill. You must be patient with yourself and the process so that you do not create any additional stress by placing unwarranted expectations on yourself.

If you can successfully avoid these common mistakes, you can derive continual benefit and deepened self-awareness from your Qigong practice.

What is Qigong & Why try it?

Locations - Mornington Peninsula

TERM 1, 2020

MONDAY (morning) - Starts 20th January 

10.30am -11.30am

Safety Beach Sailing Club 

185 Marine Drive, Safety Beach, VIC.





MONDAY (afternoon) - Starts 3rd February

2pm -3pm

Frankston South Community and Recreation Centre 

55 Towerhill Rd, Frankston South, VIC 3199



MONDAY (evening) - Starts 10th February

7.30pm - 8.30pm

Mt Martha House Community Centre 

466 Esplanade, Mount Martha VIC 3934

TUESDAY (evening) - Starts 21st January

7pm - 8pm

Venue - Rye Yacht Club

2120 Point Nepean Rd, Rye, VIC 3941

or contact Jo for more information on 0438004974


The Importance of Qigong in Mount Martha

By its nature, Qigong is about balance, and it can help you identify and resolve those areas in your life that need a readjustment.

  • Through breathing exercises, Qigong helps you recapture the sense of being aware and present. Too often, our worries take us away from the now and keep our attention locked elsewhere, limiting our ability to interact with friends, family, and the natural world around us.

  • Each person is at a different point in their journey, and Qigong helps you become more attentive to your personal journey. Whether you’ve practised meditation before or have never seriously considered it in the past, Qigong can teach you essential techniques to eliminate stress and allow you to be more present in your life.

  • In a modern, fast paced world we can find that it is difficult to feel connected to others whether they be our partner, children, families and, or the world at large. Qigong can help us break down barriers and open ourselves up to others, allowing a real sense of connection to develop in our relationships.


Why Trust Creative Empowerment Regarding Meditation and Qigong Classes in Mount Martha

Our instructors are patient and passionate about the benefits that guided meditation and Qigong can bring. Every class is designed to set you at ease and make you more comfortable to try your first class. Listen to the many stories that people have about the positive impact that meditation has made on their lives, then contact us to sign up for your first class.