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Balancing the Scales - Libra Season

There’s only so much hard work and order that most of us can handle. So, as the sun transitions from the perfectionist Virgo zodiac into the lovely and much lighter Libra star sign, it can be a welcome shift in cosmic energy. From September 23 – October 22 we leave behind taskmaster Virgo and get ready to experience the beautiful and balancing influence of the Libra season.

The energy of Libra epitomises balance, beauty, harmony and fair play. As one of the three air elements, this star sign is also known for being broad-minded, open and social. Ruled by Venus (the planet of love), Libra’s great strength is in their ability to embody the harmonious and peaceful qualities of Venus, giving this planet’s forces a light-hearted boost throughout the Libra season.

Go with this flowing, charismatic energy to tune into the needs of those around you and restore those valuable social connections that so many of us are craving. Now is the perfect time to reach out to friends and family and support the people who mean the most to you, nurturing your friendships with the diplomatic and tactful charm of a Libra. You might even feel persuaded to tap into the newly abundant Venusian energy and tackle some issues in your relationships.

Libras are the peaceful warriors among us who value fairness and balance. While the Virgo season was a great time to review and reorganise, now is the time to reset and restore. Use Libra’s balancing energy to evaluate those parts of your life that may be weighing too heavily and take the necessary steps to tip the scales back into more equal measure. Get outside in the fresh air if you’re feeling a little stir crazy, or take some time for yourself if work or family life is becoming overwhelming. Embrace the airy, harmonious energy of the Libra season to recalibrate and rebalance.

And while you’re busy making social and personal improvements, you might also consider, mending, repairing or beautifying other parts of your life as well. Libra’s affinity to beauty often finds them immersing themselves in the aesthetic. You may feel inclined to dwell in your own personal version of what is beautiful over this time - perhaps re-discovering your self-care rituals, exploring the arts, crafting, decorating or simply infusing your atmosphere with beautiful essential oils, flowers or music.

Welcoming the energy of the Libra season can refresh our personal and social lives, re-connecting us with the simple joys of beauty and balance.

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