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Is Sagittarius Season the perfect time to let your adventurous side take the lead?

In the mood for a little adventure? Ready to get back out in that big, wide world and explore? How about welcoming positivity and optimism back into your life? Sound good too?

I think 2020 is more than ready for Sagittarius season. Between the dates of November 22 and December 21, the sun continues to move through the cosmos and positions itself in the Archer zodiac – ready to share with us the worldly, expansive and adaptable energy of this mutable, fire sign.

It’s time to leave behind the intense, tunnel vision of the Scorpio season and broaden our minds and our perspective. While the energy of Scorpio encouraged us to dig deep and examine life with laser sharp focus, Sagittarius begs us to release ourselves from that focussed energy and open up to the pursuit of possibility, viewing the world through a much wider lens. The curious, courageous and positive-thinking qualities of Sagittarius can help us think big, pursuing our loftiest goals with eternal optimism – seeking new adventures, our highest truth and a life of abundance with reckless abandon.

Ruled by the planetary forces of lucky Jupiter, risk-taking Sagittarians often don’t understand their limits and can use a little good fortune. Although they are known to leap without looking, they usually land on their feet, trusting each step they take will lead them to unimagined possibilities. So, tune in to this adventurous and fortuitous energy to explore your own unchartered territory. Challenge yourself to go big and re-evaluate your projects from a Sagittarian’s perspective. Is planning five steps ahead holding you back when all you really need is positivity and a simple leap of faith?

The energy of Sagittarius can certainly encourage us to be spontaneous. It is also open, exuberant and enthusiastic, bursting with festive spirit. So, use this energy as a cosmic permission slip to let loose and celebrate life.

Get out the garland and gather. Bring people together while embracing the ‘chameleon-like’ qualities of the Sag to get along with just about everyone. Life is worth celebrating, especially with the dynamic and gregarious energy of Sagittarius upon us.

The exuberant qualities of Sag may also have us feeling more restless than usual, yearning for change and variety. You may find it more difficult to stay home and feel a burning desire for escape. Sagittarius is a sign emblematic of our desire to see

the world, connect culturally and learn through experience. So, harness the Sagittarius spirit in a positive way and use it as a chance for adventure and to expand your horizons. Perhaps it’s time to play urban explorer in a new city or start researching those destinations on your bucket list. Get outside in the great outdoors. Pack a swag and camp under the stars. Now is the time to live freely, so shake off your routine, learn, grow and chase your dreams.

And while it does feel more possible to live life to the fullest, it is the quest for knowledge, understanding and purpose that truly dominates Sagittarius season. Witty and fun on the outside, but philosophical and wise on the inside, Sagittarians seek higher learning and expansion through all new experiences. Their desire to find truth and the true meaning of things offers us all the chance to tune into the deeper aspects of life, enhanced by each new experience.

So, look for a better understanding of what it is that defines you, personally. What is it that makes you tick? With the energy of Sagittarius season upon us, we could be taken on a journey of enlightenment with a little luck and optimism to guide our path.


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