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Kick starting the Zodiac year: with Aries Season

Hold on tight. You’re about to be jolted into the fiery, fast-moving and abundant energy of Aries season. From March 20 until April 20, we enjoy the prevailing astrological energy of the Aries star sign and can look forward to four weeks of enthusiastic and energetic new beginnings.

With our celestial slate all clear, we enter Aries season anew, full of hot, bold awareness and brooding potential. As the first sign of the astrological year, the start of Aries season marks not only the beginning of a new astrological season, but the start of an entirely fresh zodiac calendar.

Represented by the constellation of the Ram, the Aries star sign is also considered the newborn baby of the zodiac. The season brings with it an energy of newness and possibility, a sense that anything and everything is possible. It can help us feel re-born, reinvigorated and alive, giving us the confidence to start fresh and go all in, hurdling head-long into the life we desire with a new-found zeal and momentum.

A cardinal fire sign ruled by the warrior planet of Mars, those born under the sign of Aries are known to be driven leaders and initiators, pushing things forward in the direction of their own unshakable will and desire.

Constantly at work, confident Aries can succeed at just about anything and is not often found sitting back waiting for things to naturally unfold. They are the movers and shakers among us, stirring things up with an outgoing, self-starter attitude.

The energy of Aries season can kickstart our excitement and have us buzzing with new ideas, ready to challenge ourselves physically and mentally, venturing out of our comfort zones to arrive at entirely new destinations, even if we’re not sure exactly what to do when we get there.

Known for rushing into things with hot-headed emotions, those born under the sign of the Ram often need to keep their over-zealous and dominating energy in check. So, make sure you channel this fiery cosmic force into energy for good this season. Push the boundaries in your favour, but don’t forget to think about other people along the way.

Use the energetic and enthusiastic energy of Aries to start a new fitness routine or sign up for that course you’ve been meaning to take. Get out your notebook and get those inspirational bursts onto paper, or use the confident, assertive energy of Aries to rock a new hairdo or wardrobe update.

Impulsive and strong-willed, the qualities of Aries can help propel us forward with a tremendous sense of vitality and self-orientated optimism. It’s the perfect time to amp up the excitement and get started on a new idea, project or relationship. So, if you’re looking to the stars this season, get ready to ignite a spark that will fan the flames of cosmic influence all year long.


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