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What is Scorpio Season about?

Just the look of a scorpion seems to elicit a visceral reaction, conjuring up feelings of fear and dread. But why does the shape-shifting, astrological symbol of the Scorpio star sign bear such a dark mark?

Between the dates of October 23 and November 22, as the sun moves into its new position in the cosmos, we are, in fact, preparing to enter one of the darkest and fearlessly intense seasons of the astrological calendar. And make no mistake. Scary things can happen. Ruled by the planetary forces of Mars and Pluto, and the realms of sex and death, Scorpio season is full of mystery, desire, transformation and rebirth.

There is no denying the power of the Scorpio season once it is upon us…and you don’t have to be a Scorpio to feel its mighty effects. But fear not, my friends. Although this season does hold some darkness, the brave and transformative nature of this intuitive and wildly perceptive water sign does have its rewards. If we use its intensity wisely, we may even feel a sense of deep liberation. The focussed energy of Scorpio can help jolt us into action, unafraid to seek what it is we truly desire.

So, take off those peace loving, rose-coloured glasses you donned during the Libra season and put on your X-ray vision. Scorpios are known for their sharp focus, ability to concentrate and bold determination to get to the bottom of things. Their keen perception and intuitive powers can help uncover the hidden truths that may be lurking in the shadows.

Use this heightened awareness to take action. With the energy of Scorpio, you are more likely to be able to face conflicts head on, be strategic in your thinking and probe into life’s mysteries with the deep tenacity of a Scorpio. Thinking about a new research project or creative venture? Now is the time to dive in and master your skill with laser focus, solving problems and making new discoveries along the way.

The fearless and resourceful nature of Scorpio can bring confidence to these quests,

helping us find the tools we need to move bravely forward in the direction of what we truly want. The quietly assured power of the season can help us face our fears and find courage when and where we need it. Ask those provocative questions or enter into new or intimidating social spaces with ease. Scorpio season begs you to manifest your desires and bravely re-invent yourself.

The themes of transformation and rebirth are certainly strong throughout this season. So, dig deep and discover what that means for you. Is there something holding you back from what you truly desire? Now may be a good time to take a look at the shadow aspects of yourself, examining and dealing with those parts of your life that you prefer to keep hidden. Penetrate the surface with that intense focus of Scorpio. Do what is needed to re-unite with the depth of who you really are. While that may sound a tad intense, with the energy of Scorpio upon us, we’re not likely to settle for anything less.


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