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When is Pisces Season? & What can I expect?

Between the dates February 19 and March 21st the sun continues its journey through the

constellations and settles within the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, Pisces. This new position in the cosmos signals the end of the zodiac year and is the culmination of all the wisdom and energy we have received from the signs that came before.

Symbolised by two fish swimming head to tail, the mutable water sign of Pisces grants us a gentle, mystical and sensitive energy that can reunite us with the depths of our emotions. In stark contrast to the rebellious and emotionally detached energy of Aquarius, Pisces season is all about feeling. It’s a time to let logic and ambition recede and empathy and emotion flow. It’s the season to wear your heart on your sleeve with style, tuning in to one another and the entire world around you, even if that means exposing your more vulnerable side.

Like the other mutable star signs of Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini, Pisces embrace change and are comfortable with transition. They are adaptable, flexible and sympathetic. Embracing a live and let live attitude, those born under the Pisces star sign can generally accept people and situations as they are without being critical or judgemental. This light, fluid and characteristically ethereal star sign governs the things we need to let go. So, go with the energy of the season to cultivate your compassion and prepare to lighten your load through acceptance and forgiveness.

Sometimes thought of as the ‘enchanted’ or divinely inspired star sign, Pisces are also well known for their keen intuition. Highly empathetic to others, they seem to just know things from deep within, giving them a reputation for being aloof or wishy washy. Pisceans give credence to spiritual experiences and serendipity, often relying on gut instinct for guidance. They are the day dreamers among us, allowing themselves to step back from reality and exist in a world all their own.

So, when the sun is in the sign of the fish, it is a perfect time to let go of your diligent and

tactical side and simply reconnect with your inner strength. Use the creative energy of Pisces to heighten your awareness of what lies beneath the surface and beyond your five senses. Dare to trust your own intuition even if it defies logic. Now is the perfect time to channel your strongest emotions into healing forms of self-expression. Draw or journal. Explore music or art. Work on a creative project without worrying too much about planning or negotiating. Simply let your subconscious flow and create for the sake of it.

The mystical power of Pisces season may be found when you tune in to your own inner guidance and let your reality manifest itself naturally. Sometimes, when you get out of the driver’s seat and start to receive from the passenger seat a little more, life can reveal itself with a certain kind of magic.

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