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Why is Aquarius Season a great time to be who you truly are?

Every thirty days or so, the sun visits a new zodiac sign, sharing with us all the prevailing astrological energy of that particular star sign. By responding to the opposing energy of the sign that came before, the universe typically grants us earthly beings a welcome shift in mood and perspective. And the arrival of Aquarius season is certainly no different.

Aquarius energy

Between the dates of January 20 and February 18, we leave behind the diligent and realistic energy of the earth sign Capricorn and move future-first into the airy and imaginative energy of the water bearer - the quirky and charismatic symbol of the Aquarius star sign.

Ruled by the lopsided and wonky planet of Uranus, known as the ‘Awakener’ in astrology, the energy of Aquarius season brings with it unsettling planetary energy, full of shocks and changes. Like Uranus itself, the energy of Aquarius gives us permission to let our world spin at an unusual angle, saying goodbye to convention while embracing our eccentricities with renewed vigour. It’s a time to ‘shake off’ old habits and break free from our restrictions in favour of a more liberated path.

Aquarians thrive in the realms of community, groups, networking and humanitarianism and are a sign symbolic of our need to socialise. So, if you’re feeling isolated suddenly or sense your mood dipping, you may be responding to the enigmatic forces of the stars, as the energy of Aquarius urges you toward collective action, begging you to get out in the world and among the people. Use the forward-thinking and socially conscious energy of Aquarius to unite with other people in whatever way you can. Join an online community, book club or sporting team. Take part in industry networking or get involved with a social cause in your community. Going with the flow of Aquarius could help you make a collaborative impact on something you care about.

The cosmic ruler of technology, science and innovation, the sign of Aquarius governs the higher mind and is a season rich in experimental energy. It encourages us to be creative and try new things, getting in touch with the true essence of ourselves, even if that means stepping out of the mould and doing things that may seem idealistic or unconventional. So, put that offbeat style on display and just be you. Take a chance to try new things or doing something an entirely different way, following your curiosities wherever they may take you. The quirky, imaginative and highly intelligent energy of Aquarius season may lead you to rich and unexpected discoveries.

Aquarius season is a time to embrace originality, collaboration and community. It’s a time to unite towards a common cause, joining hands with the people beside us to fight for a brighter future – one that at other times may seem impossible. It’s a time to challenge what we are doing and think more progressively, giving standing room to those ‘out there’ wild ideas that may have been previously dismissed. So, if the cruel realities of the world are weighing you down or if you’re tired of doing things the same ol’ way, this season has the right kind of energy to pull you out of a rut and catapult you right where you need to be, free of old habits, with a fresh new perspective that’s all about letting you, just be you.


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