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A Unique perspective on your life

Psychic Art  

psychi art reading

What is Psychic Art? 

A Psychic Art session with Jo is both a reading and a healing. A unique and transformative experience. These sessions are a creative exploration of the energies around you - what you are currently working through in your life. 


Jo will bring through messages of guidance and support from spirit which will be delivered in a reading format.  


The psychic art process for Jo also involves using Qigong awareness and energy healing (Medical Qigong). Jo tunes into your body and supports it to release tension, blockages and fear that may be holding you back in life.


A psychic artwork is created by Jo during the session that captures the healing energies from the session, the artwork is yours to keep - for reference and to continue the healing aspect of the Psychic Art session.


Each Psychic Art artwork and session is unique.

Psychic  art   making

Why choose psychic art?

As a unique exploration of the energy of your life in a two dimensional form - It grants you a deeper understanding of the vibrational realm that surrounds you. Have you ever wondered how the energy surrounding you could be represented? These sessions encourage  exploration of self-love, healing, knowledge and more to unfold. You take home a unique psychic artwork that you can use as a tool to continue the energy healing even after the session ends.



Psychic Art sessions


30 mins - starting at $75

A unique psychic artwork is yours to keep.



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