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Learn Mindfulness and Gain Self-Awareness with Meditation and Qigong in Rosebud

Learn meditation and qigong in Rosebud to re-gain self-awareness and practise mindfulness as a pathway to connect to your higher self and purpose in life. Creative Empowerment offers meditation courses, Qigong, and intuitive art classes to guide students to tap into their natural healing mechanisms, reduce stress, and increase overall well-being.

Problems? Meditation Classes in Rosebud Can Help

Establishing a meditation practice with the guidance of Creative Empowerment offers students the chance to reduce stress and access their inner wisdom for better living.

  • Learning to meditate can calm your busy mind and enhance your sense of awareness, which can open a pathway to access the higher self. During meditation, you may discover that you can now use the energy consumed by stress and anxiety to reflect, create, and grow in a more loving, compassionate way.

  • By quieting your mind and relaxing, meditation can diminish feelings of anxiety and depression. If you cultivate an ongoing meditation practice, you may notice improvements in mood, energy levels, and your ability to accept things as they are which can enhance your quality of life.

  • Studies have found that meditating regularly can produce observable physical and physiological changes in participants such as reduced blood pressure and increased concentration.

What is Qigong & Why try it?

Locations - Mornington Peninsula

TERM 1, 2020

MONDAY (morning) - Starts 20th January 

10.30am -11.30am

Safety Beach Sailing Club 

185 Marine Drive, Safety Beach, VIC.





MONDAY (afternoon) - Starts 3rd February

2pm -3pm

Frankston South Community and Recreation Centre 

55 Towerhill Rd, Frankston South, VIC 3199



MONDAY (evening) - Starts 10th February

7.30pm - 8.30pm

Mt Martha House Community Centre 

466 Esplanade, Mount Martha VIC 3934

TUESDAY (evening) - Starts 21st January

7pm - 8pm

Venue - Rye Yacht Club

2120 Point Nepean Rd, Rye, VIC 3941

or contact Jo for more information on 0438004974


Tips for Getting More Value Out of Meditation and Qigong in Rosebud

Creative Empowerment offers meditation classes in combination with Qigong for best results as Qigong works with the flow of energy in the body and incorporates meditation in its practices.

  • If you are someone who thinks they are incapable of sitting still, Qigong will appeal, as it is a combination of meditation, movement and acupressure. Meditation and Qigong are both powerful healing modalities.

  • The gentle movements of Qigong are designed to aid the natural flow of Qi, or energy, in the body, and because it is not physically strenuous, practitioners should do it routinely to feel the influence of these subtle changes of energy. It can take time for long-term changes to solidify, which is why regular practice of Qigong will produce the best results.

  • While Qigong can be practiced anywhere and by anyone, it’s best to gain a solid foundation from a teacher with experience to guide you and assist you in gaining the maximum health benefits. Guidance brings awareness of what the practices are achieving in your body and can alleviate any concerns about correct practice.   Practicing in a weekly group also begins to establish a time and a place for your practice and connects you with like-minded people.


Things You Can Learn from Creative Empowerment’s Energetic and Intuitive Art Classes in Rosebud

Creative Empowerment founder, Jo, started her career teaching art to students but discovered energetic arts such as Reiki, meditation, and Qigong helped her overcome years of anxiety. For ten years she has been studying and practicing these energetic arts and is now a trained Reiki Master, Theta Healing practitioner, Meditation and Qigong Facilitator. She continues to teach intuitive art classes to guide people to tap into their inner world and access their innate wisdom through artistic expression in a safe, supportive setting. Creative Empowerment is a welcoming, safe space, where Jo can offer her services including energy healing, Qigong healing, meditation and Qigong classes and intuitive art. If you are seeking a way to overcome obstacles you’ve been facing, or if you want to enhance your natural creative capacity, it may be the perfect moment to try a new approach through these healing practices.

If you have questions about any classes or services, please contact Creative Empowerment for individual guidance.