'Creative Empowerment’ – is a space I have been dreaming about and inhabiting well before it came to life.


Inspired by spirit to create a place for deep healing - a place to support others on their journey to empowerment.

My story

When I was growing up I was a very sensitive child; sensitive to all of the people around me and their feelings, emotions and their energy. 


I found all of this extremely overwhelming and didn’t know that other people didn’t feel things as strongly as I do. I was always being inundated with such BIG feelings that consumed me; I felt different and was constantly told so too.


I came to the realisation that even though not all people feel or understand the world as I do; that what I feel is real. There are many people that also experience the world like me.

Image by Caroline Hernandez
Girl Running in a Field
As an empath and an intuitive I didn’t realise that I was allowing other peoples’ energy to affect me.
I was a complete sponge, absorbing the feelings of others, I was picking up everything that the world around me was giving out.

Fast forward a few decades (a long time to live like that) and now I know myself and my energy better. I can regulate and monitor my energy and how the energies of others affect me in a completely different way.


I understand situations better and able to know (most of the time) when its other people’s energy, the space I am in, etc. I can clear my own energetic space, self and thoughts.

Touching the Surface
super girl (1).png

I am now embracing my super-power – using it for the reason I have been gifted it – to help others.

My mission in this life is to help others heal.

My passion in life is centred around


To work with me:

or contact me here for anything else.


As an empath I have experienced anxiety for most of my life and later panic attacks. I know these intense ways of being can be totally debilitating.


I discovered alternative therapies which have been life changing for me.


I now practice and teach Meditation and Qigong which assist me in bringing peace to mind and body. To join a class go here.

If you would like help with anxiety or panic attacks please get in touch here, and we can work to find the best way for you to move beyond fear.