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Intuitive tools

Oracle cards

Oracle and Tarot

How to read Oracle Cards

Oracle cards like Tarot are tools for us to tap into our psychic senses. 

As tools, Oracle cards, like Tarot are filled with imagery that allows our third eye to awaken in a sense - the cards allow us to open up to another world - to see differently.

Tip: Learning  to relax with your cards boosts your connection with your oracle cards  & your connection with spirit!

With the below series of videos, you will learn how to read Oracle and Tarot and gain a better understanding of yourself and the world around you.


The first video walks you through one of my favourite Oracle Decks (if you are a tarot enthusiast don’t fear, the same breakdown of the oracle cards works for reading Tarot), The Wisdom of the Oracle, by Collette Baron-Reid. In this video you will gain a great overview of the deck plus how to read an Oracle card.

After making this video I realised there was a lot more to it and perhaps beginners of oracle and tarot reading might like things broken down even more. So each video builds on the basic skill of using the information in each card (tarot or oracle) to help you decipher the message from spirit.

1. Start here for complete beginner

PART 1 covers:

🙌 What are oracle cards?

👌What is an Oracle?

🔥The difference between Oracle and Tarot

💖How to choose the right deck for you.

🌈What to do with a new deck &

🤷‍♀️ How to store them.

2. The important stuff - Accessing the Divine and more

PART 2 covers:

🙌 How to use oracle cards

👌 Shuffling

🙏 The important stuff

🔥 Infusing the cards with your energy

💖 Get the best results

🤷‍♀️Why is being focused SO important

🌈 Doing a reading for yourself

🏹 How to read the cards

📖Using the guidebook

🔮 Accessing the Divine

3. Multi card reading

What we cover in this video:

🙌 Preparation for a reading

👌 Choose a deck

🙏 Your question

🔥 Multi card reading

💖 Choosing cards

🤷‍♀️ What I notice

🌈 Individual card meanings

🏹 Allow spirit in

📖 How to weave it all together

🔮 What if you don't understand your message?

4. Using your intuition to read

What we cover in this video:

🙌 Awareness & Connection to Spirit

👌 Choose a deck

🙏 Shuffle

🔥 The question

💖 Choosing cards

🤷‍♀️ Pause & What can I see

🌈 Individual card meanings

🏹 Allow spirit in 📖 How to weave it all together

I love playing with Oracle and Tarot cards, if you would like to see my collection videos - here is my oracle collection  and my tarot collection - both of these are a little outdated but you get the picture.

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