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Energy Art

Understand the energy  in your life
intuitive art reading session

Art Channelling & Spirit Guide Art

Discover the healing benefits of Art Channelling (Psychic Art)– a unique service that blends the advantages of a psychic reading with energy healing. At Creative Empowerment, our Art Channelling session taps into the energies currently influencing your life, illuminating them for you in a channelled artwork, that helps to create greater insight and perspective for you.

Meet Jo, an energy artist whose original artworks are available for purchase in our store. Alternatively, book a Art Channelling Art session with Jo to experience the benefits of energy healing and psychic reading in a single session.

During the art channelling sessions, she incorporates qigong healing - a potent practice that seeks to restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit. With a one-on-one session, you can eliminate energy blockages in your system, paving the way for the natural life force to flow freely. This promotes calmness, peace, and overall balance, supporting your journey towards optimal health and well-being.


During the session, Jo creates a unique channelled artwork that captures the healing energies of the moment. This artwork is intended for your personal use and can be used as a reference for future healing. It's important to note that every channelled Art session and artwork is one-of-a-kind.

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Spirit Guide Art

Our spiritual guides are always around us, offering love, support, and guidance. However, our busy lives sometimes make us unaware of these subtle energies.


To reconnect with your spirit guides, Jo's divinely inspired artwork can help.


As an energy artist, Jo captures the world of spirit and energy in unique and interesting ways by channeling the energy to bring it to life on paper.


Through her spirit guide art, you can experience a closer connection to your spirit guides, as the artwork vibrates at the frequency of your guide. Commissions for spirit guide art include spirit guides and teachers in whatever form they take, along with a short channeled message filled with inspiration and encouragement for your path ahead.

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Why Creative Empowerment

No matter which energy art or psychic reading you choose, Creative Empowerment can help you gain balance and harmony in your life; working with you to overcome whatever creates disharmony in your life.


We are passionate about helping people tap into their creativity and learn new ways to express themselves for better health and happiness. If you are looking for an email psychic reading, an art as therapy class, or any of our other services, we can help.


We have one location on the Mornington Peninsula, however we offer multiple options to access our services – online via Zoom, phone and email as well as our online shop.


Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you get more out of life.

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