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Psychic Reading by Email

At Creative Empowerment Australia we offer high-quality psychic readings by email. Our psychic readings will provide powerful insights and assistance for any issue you’re facing, helping you to unlock your true potential.

Meet Jo, an experienced psychic who provides email psychic readings for your convenience. This way, you can schedule your email reading at a time that suits you, regardless of your timezone. You have the option to select the best reading format for you, whether it's an email psychic reading, phone or Zoom.

Order your psychic reading by email today and get answers to your questions quickly and easily. Simply provide us with detailed questions that allow us to connect to you and your question. Complete the order form, and make payment by credit or debit card or via PayPal account. You can even include a photo with your email psychic reading to help us provide you with a more complete answer.

Experience a deeper connection to your spiritual path with an email psychic reading from an experienced psychic. Psychic Email Readings can provide insights into a variety of topics, including love, family, relationships, work, and career. Email Psychic Readings are usually completed within 4-5 weekdays (see update for January 2024), but if I am very busy it can take a bit longer.

At Creative Empowerment you can get insight into your life's questions with our email psychic readings.

  • For a single question psychic reading by email, the cost is $30,

  • for two question email psychic reading, the cost is $50,

  • for three question psychic reading by email, the cost is $60,

  • for four question psychic reading by email, the cost is $80, and for

  • five question psychic reading by email, the cost is $100.

There is also a special short answer email reading option for a single question at $20.


To get started, simply select the desired option from the drop down box.

Email psychic readings UPDATE

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Email psychic readings from 15th - 31st January 2024

psychic email readings delayed  completed  10 days after submission

*business days after submission 

Email Psychic Reading

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'Looking forward to my reading with you as you were so accurate in the last reading I can't wait to tell you'


'Thank you for your reading for me it was so accurate - it hit the nail on the head so to speak! You were so accurate in addressing the specific areas holding me back and the process I need to pursue to transform these limitations.

You were a really beautiful and honest guide and I am extremely grateful for your reading Jo. Thank you.'


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