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Art Channelling Classes

 Re-Connect to Spirit


Art Channelling Journeys

Connect to your all knowing self 
and allow this divinely inspired part
of you to flow into the world, uninhibited and free.

Learn to tap into your intuition and allow your higher self to take you on a divinely inspired journey. Illuminating your inner world and using the language of art to express the essence of your soul.

No art experience necessary. A willingness to adventure and delve into your creative imaginative self - welcomed.

intuitie art class

Art & Craft making & your
spiritual journey

Join a group of like minded souls for 6 weeks as we come together to venture deep into our creative selves, to the far reaches of our own subconscious and interior liminal spaces.

As we create and participate in sacred space; a place to create, learn and grow at your own pace. This time and place is a vessel for your spiritual and creative growth through the vehicle of art (and/or craft).

Each class begins with a guided or group meditation, themes will be led by the group energy and spirit.

​Journey your way:

  • Bring your own art/craft practice to continue in a like-minded group.

  • Create an art journal for your spiritual growth and expansion.

  • Make a new artwork each week based on the themes and topics of our group journey.

  • Explore one creation through the 6 week journey.

Sit in a shared sacred space, imagine, initiate, develop, expand and follow the well-worn path of those that have gone before.

20230219_115601 (2).jpg

Discover your true path with Art Channelling classes @ Creative Empowerment


Everything provided for you

Bring yourself, everything else supplied





Class & Limited materials

Brushes and the basics supplied 



Class participant

You bring your own materials 



*Class duration is 2.5 hours for 6 weeks.

Can be in-person or online.

head shot.png

Your journey guide

Jo is a sensitive creative. She has been working through her own creative and spiritual journey for the last few decades.


One of the things that lights her up, is a passion for supporting others on their spiritual and creative journeys.


As a spiritual seeker she invites you to come along to play, to practice, to re-connect to your own divinity through creativity.


To open the channel to spirit.


She welcomes you on a pathfinding journey through ArtChannelling.

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