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Spirit   Art

Connect with the Love of the Spirit realm

Our spiritual teams are always surrounding us, offering guidance, support, and love. Connect with your spirit guides through a divinely inspired artwork by Jo. She will bring through your spirit guide and a message of love and inspiration.

If you would like to connect with your spirit guides, a commissioned spirit guide artwork can support you to do that with a divinely inspired artwork by Jo, an energy artist. Jo specialises in capturing the world of spirit and energy in unique ways through psychic art, art channelling, and spirit art or spirit guide art. Jo channels the energy through her body and brings it to life on paper, allowing you to experience the world of energy uniquely.


Spirit Guide Art includes spirit guides and teachers in any form they may take, such as spirit guides, elemental elders and deities, animal spirits and guides, angels and nature spirits, and more. Your Spirit Art commission will include a short, channelled message filled with inspiration and encouragement for your path ahead.

Commissions for Spirit Guide Art


You will receive an Artwork that brings to life the world of spirit,

plus a written message channelled from your guide.


Introductory Cost $80

Regular price $100 + $20 Shipping


*Offer expires 30th April 2024

All commissioned spirit art include a channelled written message.

Spirit Guide Art

Commission your Spirit Guide Art today

Spirit Guide commissions: Jo will connect to the world of energy surrounding you and the energy of your guides, to do this, she requires the following information from you:

  • your full name (if you use a nick name please add that as well as your full name), 

  • a photo of yourself,

  • your birthdate, and 

  • your postal address.

This ensures you get the most out of your Spirit Guide Art, making sure Jo connects to your energy and that of your spiritual team.


Postage - Australian Postage & packaging is included in all Spirit Guide Artwork Commissions. If ordering from Overseas, please email Jo for a quote with the additional postal charges.

Please contact Jo via email for overseas postage rates.

Unlock the world of spirit with a portrait of your Spirit Guide today.

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