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Meditation Testimonial
Image by Zena Rice-Sarantis

For years my wife and I have had regular readings from Jo, she is amazing, spot on every time. She is straight to the point, with the tough stuff, but finds the right way to come across, in a positive way. We highly recommend her.


Online Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading

Thank you so much!  

You were absolutely spot on with so many things & I can't wait to sit back & listen to the reading again.

I will be booking in for a healing soon, Thanks again


Tarot Cards

Wow, thank you, so much!

You could not be more right.


Online psychic reading

Thankyou for the reading  Mum is ...and was sent to hospital yesterday. Thanks again for your reading you were spot on about mum


Psychic reading

Thank you so much Jo, I got so much out of todays reading. I feel so much clearer now.


Psychic reading

Thankyou so very much for your reading. I feel like it all resonates with me so very much and I am truly blessed that you were able to guide me with my worries. I feel a lot at ease and more direction with my future already! I really appreciate your time. Thankyou so very much again. I will surely be recommending you x 



Before taking part in your sessions, I had only ever tried meditation twice and felt I was unsuccessful in what I set out to achieve, a state of “relaxation” or a little “escape from reality” for myself. I live a very fast pace life (as most of us do) running around after kids/work and I really wanted to find something I could tap into that would relax, restore and re-balance myself.  After 2 sessions many years ago I gave up, and came to the conclusion meditation just wasn’t for me…until I met you.


Your care and knowledge from the time we begin our session is overflowing. The time you take to explain where our focus needs to be and your never altering state of calmness saw me for the first time, fall into that state of pure relaxation, that little escape from the real world! Where all my thoughts & worries can be put aside, and allowing myself to reconnect to one’s self.


To know that if I now find myself with a spare 10-20 min, I can take myself to that state of relaxation by using the techniques you have taught me, has been a wonderful learning experience and truly life changing. Thanks Jo


This was my first experience at meditation and I felt so comfortable and relaxed.   Jo’s calm and soothing voice is so complimentary to the overall experience. 


I did not think I would be able to switch off, and ended up falling into deep relaxation mode which resulted in an uplift of energy for the rest of the afternoon.  It really does reinforce the importance of taking time out and pausing to rejuvenate the mind.


Jo was an excellent instructor, and highly recommend her for first-timers and also experienced meditators! 


Corporate Meditation

Jo's meditations are a wonderful part of my day. I use the time to set my intention for the week. Jo guiding me gently through some time to reconnect with my higher self is a very important part of my week and I feel blessed each time I have this time.


I have noticed that attending the meditation weekly has a direct correlation to my sense of focus.


It allows me to feel centred when working on all the different tasks I have, rather than ‘all over the place’ as I so often feel.


Coming together as a group with the intention of us ALL feeling better, is the best part of this session though. It makes me feel happy to know we are all supporting each other to do this.


Corporate Meditation

Jo does a fantastic job of guiding me to a beautiful restful place allowing me to feel thoroughly rejuvenated and rested after each session.


Meditation is a tool, a learned skill, to help us distract a busy, anxious or negative mind so that we might find some relief and rest. We meditate so that we might release our bodies and our minds into a more peaceful, relaxed state.


There are many ways to meditate, it is not a one size fits all. One needs a teacher to guide us through the learning stages, the various styles and techniques until we find those practices which best calm and nurture us.


In Jo’s meditation class one meets a highly trained,  gentle, kind and supportive meditation teacher. With her as guide, one soon becomes better equipped to comfort oneself at the 2a.m worry waking hour or to disengage from thoughts which overwhelm us or are rude to us with their constant undermining chatter.

The more we learn and practice, the stronger our relaxation response becomes and the more we learn to merely watch our thoughts, rather than empowering them by engaging with them.


Meditation works and learning how to meditate with Jo as a guide,  is a positive, relaxing and nurturing way to learn.



This year my friend suggested that I might benefit from meditation, I decided to give it a go! I always thought there were better ways to spend my time, but a few nights ago I realised exactly why so many people all over the world practice this form of relaxation.  


I found myself very anxious in the middle of the night. Then it occurred to me to use the relaxation techniques Jo had taught me in meditation. These techniques helped me through this quite frightening experience.  


I was so pleased I took my friend's advice and have certainly changed my mind about meditation.


art testimonial

I want to draw. I have wanted to do so for many years and have tried many different classes. I still can’t draw despite those classes.


They were taught by artists who could draw but who could not teach. Those who can and who are able and willing to pass on the ‘can do,’ to others, those people teach.  Jo is a teacher of many years’ experience as well as being an artist.


In her class I am learning how to draw, step by guided step and with much encouragement and support.


Anyone who wants to learn to draw or paint or some other aspect of art, but believes they can’t, Jo’s art class is for you.


Finally, here is someone who knows how to teach the skills from the ‘knows nothing,’ level to advanced and who is interested in and takes pleasure in your progress. I drew my first apple last week, Jo taught me.

Anna Rose

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