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Ready to take the lead in your life?


Sacred Power Workshop

‘Imagine your spiritual connection if you removed the biggest obstacle!’

Come with us on a journey to release your fears and rediscover your inherent sacred power.

Terésa and Jo are both experienced psychics whose core business is working with energy. They specialise in helping others grow and heal empowering them to strengthen their own vibration and frequency while re-connecting to ancient wisdom and skills.

Jo and Terésa will help you gain confidence in your energetic boundaries and empower you to know when it is your energy or another. You will practice and become familiar with various forms of psychic protection, helping you discover which protection suits you and your environment.


Take the next step in your spiritual journey with this 1 day experiential workshop.

Wisdom gained:

  • Work with crystal energy.

  • Connect with ancient plant magick.

  • Empower yourself by understanding that your frequency and vibration affect everything in your life.

  • Journey to your inner worlds.


Fear holds us back from creating stronger connections and prevents us from being fully open to receiving guidance from them & our Higher Self.

  • What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

  • Who would you be without your fears?

Morning tea provided, tea, coffee and water provided.

Psychic Stones

Let go of your fear and take the next step in your spiritual journey


What’s included:

  • On the day you will -

  • Learn to make & activate your own Crystal Grid for psychic protection…and you get to take it home to use in your sacred space!

  • Learn to connect to & ask assistance from the Archangels & higher realms.

  • Learn various tools used for protection - visualisation, symbols & sacred geometry, plants & herbs, colour, etc.

  • Meet & connect with your Gatekeeper Guide. One of the most powerful Guides on your team in spirit.

  • Make your own Mojo Bag for protection - filled by you with intuitively chosen magickal herbs & other goodies, & charged with intention, ready for you to carry on yourself or to be placed in your sacred space.

  • Learn grounding & cleansing, cord cutting & shielding, intention & boundaries.

  • You also go home with an informative workbook filled with hints & tips and a Certificate of Participation!

What to bring:

  • Lunch

  • Notebook and pen

  • Favourite Oracle Deck

  • Crystals

Any questions contact Jo 0438004974 

Dates for Workshops

Dates & Cost

Places are limited - secure your place.

ADULTS: $280 (early bird special of $240 when you book before 26th September 2022).

Concession: $200 (early bird special $175 when you book before 26th September 2022).

* Afterpay and Payment plans available.


The Centre of Healing in Somerville, Station St, Somerville; is our gorgeous location, where you can be completely immersed for the day.

Email Jo on or 0438004974 with any questions.

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