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Pick a card readings

Insight and guidance for you

Weekly card draw

Pick a card readings

Are you looking for a fresh perspective on an area in your life? Pick a card readings bring guidance and clarity in your life.


What is a Pick a Card reading?

If you are new to pick a card reading - it is an intuitive reading where you are able to choose a pile of oracle cards that you are drawn to. Our intuition or our gut is able to guide us to the information we need at the right time. Each pile in the pick a card reading is unique to the energy of the cards that are selected and they are interpreted by the reader (a psychic or an intuitive).

A pick a card reading is a good way to work through personal growth issues, as you are a participant in the reading. You hear what your guides and higher self want you to know at this time. Each person who hears the 'same' reading will hear and interpret the message uniquely.

How does this all work? 


We all have our own set of experiences and all the parts of us (family, upbringing, past, etc.) 'the sum of us' that informs our view, not only of our world that we live in, but also our life and the people in it. These are our particular lenses if you like that colour what we see, experience and how it affects us. So when we participate in a pick a card reading we are part of the process, we are involved; because what we take from the reading has been filtered by our lives and all of the things that make up who we are.

For weekly pick a card readings subscribe to our channel Creative empowerment Australia on Youtube.

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