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Psychic Readings

Psychic Reading

A psychic reading gives you guidance, clarity and perspective in your life.
Jo will connect into the energies of your life and bring through messages for you from the higher realms, these can include, your Higher self, loved ones, Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Star family and communities - your spiritual team.

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Psychic Readings in person, phone or email

Psychic Readings can take any form you choose. Jo is an experienced Psychic and works with tools such as Tarot and Oracle Cards, as well as working with art materials to create unique Psychic Art artworks that combine a reading and a healing in the same session.
Readings are available in person in Rosebud, Mornington Peninsula. Contact me on 0438004974 for address.
Readings can be done via phone for ease of fitting into your day.
Email readings are great for people in different time zones to me.
When you know you want a Psychic reading then you can choose the way that suits you best.
We also provide zoom readings.

Online zoom readings

Online psychic readings are a great way to receive insight and perspective into your life.
Zoom provides a safe comfortable space for you to connect with intuitive guidance and messages from spirit. 

An online reading via Zoom allows you to be comfortable in your own personal space while still accessing the guidance you need. It gives great flexibility scheduling the reading with no travel or distance problems.


What happens during a Psychic reading?

Depending on the length of the reading booked you can focus the psychic reading around the areas of your life you would like to gain clarity and perspective. Alternatively you can  leave the reading open to whatever your spiritual team want you to know at this time.
Which ever way you prefer, each psychic reading will begin with a general overview and then go deeper into the main theme of the reading.
Tarot and Oracle cards are used as a vehicle to bring through messages for you. 
Any area of your life can be the focus of a your psychic reading (Love, career, travel, family, friends, spiritual path, healing, etc). 

For more information on each of the readings and what is involved see the psychic reading booking page for details.

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