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Leo Season ♌

As the universe welcomes the movement of the sun into its natural home of Leo, you may feel relieved to leave behind the moody, emotional energy of the Cancer season. It may be equally re-assuring to realise that at least some of the intense emotions we have been experiencing lately are simply down to the stars.

So, expect to feel a distinct change of perspective July 22 – August 22 as the bold and fiery Leo zodiac exercises its fun-loving, joyful prominence, bringing us an entirely new vibe.

What to expect from the Leo season

The passionate, take-charge energy of Leo invites you to look outward as you find your inner lion or lioness. There is strength and power within beckoning you to embrace your self-expression. It is a time to fully express yourself and truly be yourself. With a renewed, confident energy you may be more eager to chase your own desires and become enthusiastic about letting your own needs shine. It is a time to value your own identity – perform, get attention and not be afraid of extraordinary.

Illuminated by the hot, bright energy of the Sun and stimulated by the fire element, this powerful zodiac inspires action, motion and creation. Under the energy of Leo you may be inspired towards creative pursuits or finally willing to acknowledge your true passion. Come out from behind the shadows, stand up for what you believe in and behave in the world how you have always wanted to – boldly and unashamedly.

For some, the high-energy of the Leo season can be challenging to embrace. You may find yourself feeling unusually competitive, strangely vying for attention, praise or recognition.

You may feel unsettled focussing on your own desires and find this need selfish or self-centred. Trust in the energy of this star sign as it is also full of warmth and generosity of spirit. It is only when we find our own joy that we can give back to others in an authentic way and help others be uplifted. Sharing a genuine zest for life can only be done when we lead the life we truly desire. There is a kindness in honouring yourself and what you need.

In times like these, it is normal to feel somewhat disheartened about the state of the world and the heavy realities of what is going on around us. But working with the energies of the Leo season can help lift our spirits, inspiring and motivating us to face the challenges ahead in a more positive and empowered way. Now is the time to put fear and helplessness aside and let joy and confidence prevail.

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