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Virgo Season ♍

Between the dates August 23 and Sept 22, the sun positions itself within the orderly earth sign of Virgo. This cosmic shift brings with it a new kind of astrological energy. After spending a month in the dramatic, fire sign of Leo, the Virgo season is the perfect time to come back down to earth, organise, assess and reflect, quietly settling into a more comfortable relationship with ourselves and the world around us.

With so many of us experiencing dramatic life changes lately, we can welcome the grounding, mentally agile and diligent energy of Virgo season to help us tidy up mentally and physically, restoring some much-needed order and harmony to our lives.

What to expect from Virgo Season

Virgo’s are known for their impressive ability to put their heads down and get the job done. So, with the sun now in the Virgo zodiac you might find your attention naturally shifting to more analytical and practical tasks. Now is the time for goal setting, prioritising and hard work. So, get cracking. Organise your planner, your bookshelf or your closet. And don’t stop there. It’s time to turn those bold, creative ideas inspired by the Leo season into more tangible and structured plans. Transform a project, create organisation in your home or work space and restore order to any and all messy parts of your life, including those relationships that might need a little extra care.

The Virgo’s association with organisation, idealism and perfection absolutely extends beyond an orderly shoe cupboard. The energy of Virgo also encourages us to maintain a strong connection with the body and good health. So, embrace some of this season’s energy towards being your personal best, whatever that may be. It might be a good time to embark on a mental or physical clear out, letting go of what no longer suits you by taking the time to discern what is useful and what is not in your mind, body and physical space. The Virgo season is a great time to kick a bad habit or strive towards physical self-improvement. Start that exercise regime or detox program. Eat the food that makes you feel strong, or get a little more sleep than usual. Lean on the energy of this season to care for yourself and your health, purifying and restoring your body back to its natural, ideal state.

Above all, the earthy energy of the Virgo star sign (like all earth signs) connects us with nature and the outdoors. So, don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to spend a bit more time than usual out in the fresh air. Virgo season helps remind us that nurturing our relationship with Mother Nature it is one of the very best ways to care for ourselves.

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