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Doing vs Being

At the beginning of the year we can have great intentions about starting new excercise classes, eating better, taking up a new hobby, etc.

While these are great ways to drive us forward and better ourselves, these can also be things that energetically weigh us down.


Because often we are doing them for the wrong reasons.

If my intention is to exercise more (which it is!) is based on the media and society, etc. then I am going to find it really hard energetically to get motivated into actually DOING the exercise.

If I step back from what it is I think I SHOULD do, and ask my higher self (my being) what it really wants to do or be at any given moment, I will be working with myself.

Working in alignment with myself, being kind to myself and going with the flow of what my body needs on an energetic level which supports my physical vehicle.

Sometimes that might be to go on long walk, other times it might be a quick half hour and at others it might mean doing nothing.

Each time I tune into myself to discover what it is that my body wants, I strengthen my connection to my inner wisdom and I honour myself.

This fills me up, this satisfies the being that I am.

No guilt and more enjoyment, this leads to a happier healthier me.

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