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The duality of Gemini Season is upon us - what does this mean for you?

It’s time to turn your attention outward and engage in the light, airy and socially energetic season of Gemini. From May 21-June 21, the sun moves into the duplicitous constellation of ‘The Twins’, the two-sided constellation of the zodiac that mirrors the uncanny adaptability of Gemini, reflecting the capacity of those born under this star sign to sometimes behave as two entirely different people.

An often controversial or misunderstood sign, Gemini’s have even gained a reputation for being ‘two-faced’ – as if fakery or inauthenticity is to blame for an adaptability so powerful it’s beyond the comprehension of most other star signs. But a Gemini’s flexible attitude and the bright, ultra-social prowess that allows them to be comfortable in almost any situation, with almost anyone, can actually be blamed on the stars – or more likely – the planets.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of connection and communication, Gemini is the only mutable air sign in the zodiac. The prevalent astrological energy is distinctly light and diffuse while uniquely dramatic and scattered. When the sun is in Gemini, thoughts, ideas and commentary flow, but don’t expect to be delving deep into any one topic. Your attention naturally transitions from one interest to the next, urging you to connect and communicate with the next person or place rich in information.

The season is a buzz with restless curiosity, intellect and a thoughtful mental energy that entices us to be more dazzled by the world and everybody in it. You might find yourself needing to interact socially, desperate to shake free from any self-imposed or state-directed quarantine, spreading your wings out wide to become the proverbial ‘social butterfly’.

The extroverted and witty qualities of Gemini may give you the right kind of energy to get out amongst the people with a little more pep in your step, but don’t expect any well shaped plans along the way. It’s a Gemini’s prerogative to mix things up, changing their minds regularly about what to do and how to do it. Comfortable with change, Gemini’s float through life looking for their ‘kindred spirits’, always busily charming their way into the hearts and lives of others.

Use the expressive and communicative energy of Gemini season to ignite new and exciting relationships that reflect who you are, and where you’re at in your life, or simply reconnect with the people who mean the most.


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