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Why meditation?

Meditation assists us to quiet the mind and body. This is something we are told often, when in reality - meditation doesn't do any of that! - What the?

Meditation can help us focus the mind and can assist us to accept the constant chatter. Meditation and working with the breath supports us to be present in our body. Being aware when our mind is all over the place and simply accepting how it is, at any given moment. Sometimes that moment is not great (pain, sensations, feelings, thoughts racing, etc.) yet if we get used to feeling the uncomfortable feelings and simply watch them while breathing, we notice amazing things can happen.

What do you mean amazing things?

Do you leave your body, does your head spin, etc.? Often, we are looking for this amazing experience to transport us out of our body, out of our being, out of our mundane lives. The beauty in meditation comes when we accept the simple parts of the practice for the beauty they can bring into our lives. Simply watching our belly move in time with our breath. While this can seem inherently boring, it is immensely soothing to our yin side, that needs quiet. The opposite of stimulation - something we generally struggle with in modern life. It can also be like hitting a reset button on our nervous and immune system. Do not get me wrong, there are the most amazing things to be experienced during meditation. But practicing mediation for these reasons is simply not allowing yourself to sink into the meditative space. Waiting, wanting to experience anything other than where and what you are feeling, thinking in that moment is resisting - and we all know how to do that! It is precisely this state that we are challenging in meditation. If you would like to challenge yourself to accept 'what is' in your life & see how it could change how you feel in each moment - then meditation is for you.

If so, join our Qigong and guided mediation online community via weekly zoom classes.

What type of practice fits you?


An ancient form of moving meditation (similar to Tai Chi) combined with a focus on deep belly breathing. Qigong is for any age and any ability, you can sit, stand, move or adapt any practice for your needs. Simply listen to your body and notify the facilitator of any health conditions. You will be guided through gentle moving meditations where you will allow the energy (chi) in the body to flow. These movements have been practiced for thousands of years to release any stuck and stagnant energy in the body helping to restore harmony and health. A Qigong class is deeply relaxing and great for many modern health conditions. Go here for more information on Qigong.

Guided Meditation

Each week you will be gently guided through breathing and awareness techniques designed to focus your mind on your breath and being in awareness of your body - taking you into a meditative state. When we practice deep breathing during a meditation class it sends signals to our mind and body that it is safe to relax and let go. Guided Meditation is an easy and gentle way to begin to learn meditation. Each class you will be guided by Jo an experienced Meditation teacher through meditations varying from short timed meditations helping you get used to focusing your mind and breath to longer meditations with guided imagery. Go here for more information on Meditation. 

Come along to a few classes and see if it is for you.

Everyone thinks their mind is different, is active, will never stop - you are 100% right!

It will never stop, that is not the point of meditation - come along and find out what is. Who knows you may even like it!

Go here for online guided meditation class details and here for online Qigong class details.

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