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Flowing vs Forcing – Part 3

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

So what has helped me?

Slowing down, even though in the beginning that felt like pure torture.

Feeling how I feel (I still want to run away at times of overwhelming emotions).

Learning Qigong and Meditation - practices that slow you down, encourage you to notice how you are feeling and what is going on within you.

I have supported myself with many different alternative therapies and still do (Reiki, Energy Healing, Theta Healing, Kinesiology, NLP, Healing Meditations, Medical Qigong, TCM and Acupuncture).

The one thing that is consistent within all of the practices that I believe have helped significantly; is the focus on how I am feeling. Often, in the beginning and still at times now, I need someone to hold space for me to support me through the FOCUS ON MY FEELINGS – at times it feels like it may never end or will be all consuming.

A regular investment in my physical and mental health - walking, art, Meditation and Qigong – doing things I enjoy.

It almost seems alien to who I was to say this, but I now LIKE to slow my body down, to listen to what it is telling me - meditation and qigong have slowed my body down, allowed me to get into the flow of MY life.

When I am feeling anxious or another overwhelming feeling I have some skills to bring me back to zero, to reset. This resetting of the body is sooooo valuable; my body is not running like a motor 24/7 anymore. Before my body and mind were wound so tightly that the littlest stress would send my anxiety through the roof.

ZERO is a place we need to practice spending time in - calming our minds and body down. ZERO helps me stay in the flow and stops me from forcing myself and my life.

ZERO helps me feel comfortable in my body, makes me feel like I can rest – and I can!

If you would like to learn to reset your body to ZERO and ease anxieties hold on your life, like to FLOW and not force yourself, I would love to support you.

DM me and we can work together to reset your body.

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